Everything you need to know about maintaining your furnace As a heating system, furnaces offer excellent comfort and maximum efficiency while helping to protect the environment. However, when purchasing your furnace, there are several criteria to consider. Let’s take a look at these devices that are so precious to us. What you need to know about your heating system

CBX271Why should you buy a furnace as a heating system? One of the main reasons is when the old heating system fails or the current furnace starts to be too old to function optimally. The lifespan of a furnace is approximately twenty years provided that it is serviced and checked annually. When purchasing your furnace, it is important to take into account the annual efficiency coefficient of fuel use (we are talking about gas and oil furnaces here). The latter will tell you the percentage of energy transformed into heat, because indeed, the higher the coefficient, the greater the efficiency. This will allow you to make significant savings. In addition, you should know that furnaces are generally quiet and their maintenance is easy.

The necessary steps for maintaining your furnace

Maintenance of your furnace must be done annually and by a professional. If you do not do this, the lifespan of your system will be affected. To carry out a complete maintenance, we must make sure to change or and clean the filter (depending on the type of filter used) of the furnace regularly if we want the latter to operate correctly. If you wait too long before changing or cleaning it, dust particles can spread quickly throughout your home. We recommend that you have your furnace serviced at least once a year or before each start of the season. However, maintenance must be done by a professional, as they will be able to examine all the parts and quickly detect if there is any breakage or wear requiring repair.

Here are the two important points during maintenance :

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Air filters : There are disposable, electrostatic washable air filters. Before cleaning or replacing the filter, the system must be switched off. If you have a disposable filter, be sure to replace them with a new filter with the correct dimensions.


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Maintenance of the fan: The motors and the wheels and belts (depending on the system) must be inspected in order to verify that they are in good working order. This fan should be checked once a year.