Electric, gas, wood, solar, geothermal, etc.: There are several options for heating methods available to anyone building new construction or wanting to renovate an existing building. At Climatisation BS, a specialist in heating and air conditioning, we know that choosing a central heating system is a significant decision, because it has an impact on your comfort, on your budget and on the environment… Read on to find out more.

At Climatisation B.S., we specialize in the sale and installation of two types of central heating systems, the heat pump and furnace. Before choosing your system from our range of services, you must first have the following information on hand :

  • What are the total dimensions of the places to be heated?
  • What combustible materials do you have access to in your area?
  • Are there heat circulation ducts already installed in your property?
  • Is the air tightness of the building structures (doors, windows, attic, foundations) optimal?
  • How much light naturally enters the home?
  • What are your financial resources (installation and running costs)?

To see more clearly, make an appointment with one of our experts, who will visit the site for an estimate.

The heat pump: a sensible option

The heat pump is a popular heating device due to its low energy consumption and versatility. Indeed, a heat pump not only allows you to heat your home in winter, but also to cool it in summer.

Chez Climatisation B.S., nous vendons, installons et réparons des modèles de thermopompes centrales et murales des marques Lennox, Mitsubishi et Ecoer. All our models offer excellent energy efficiency!

The furnace: for optimal comfort

Nowadays, the furnace is one of the most advantageous options for benefiting from clean, constant and uniform heat. More than ever, the polluting furnace of past decades is giving way to the new “green” furnace!

At Climatisation B.S., we sell, install and maintain furnaces of the following brands : Lennox, Mitsubishi and Ecoer. Whether electric or gas, all are highly energy efficient. Check out our Practical Guide to know more.

For all your heating needs in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore, trust Climatisation B.S. For more than 30 years, we have been offering excellent products and services at competitive prices. Do you need advice? Call Us and it will be our pleasure to present you the characteristics of our excellent heating products. Are you passing in the Laval area? Come visit our showroom on Boulevard des Laurentides!

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