In Quebec, our winters are long and harsh, and our need for heating lasts for several months. The dry air in our homes is less comfortable than in summer. Here is a good reasons to use an air humidifier as soon as possible.

What is humidity? And the importance of an air humidifier to suppress dry air in winter

Why is the air in our homes in winter drier? Heating is known to dry the air and reduce the humidity in our homes. As they are better and better insulated, this creates an enclosed space where the air circulates less and less and therefore becomes too dry. If the amount of water, called humidity, that is in the air, is less than 30%, it becomes insufficient for our environment. The hotter the air, the more moisture it absorbs, our skin becomes dry and our nose and eyes start to sting. To increase the humidity level in homes when there is no central system, it is recommended to purchase an air humidifier that will be installed in the main rooms, those that we occupy the longest. These devices will remove dryness problems and improve your health. The Benefits of an Air Humidifier Dry air is synonymous with dehydration, dry skin, nasal congestion and throat irritation. To prevent dryness, air humidifiers are used to increase the level of humidity in the ambient air. In addition, they are useful for several reasons: they improve our health and decrease allergies. Thus, during our harsh winters, the air humidifier will bring real comfort to the inhabitants; a good way to alleviate the dryness in the air!

Choosing the right air humidifier

There are different kinds of air humidifiers: steam, evaporative, ultrasonic, etc. Some can even diffuse essential oils or filter the air in homes. Depending on the size of the room, it is important to choose the right device that will solve your problems and help improve your health, thus limiting any infections. On the market, there are air humidifiers equipped with a hygrostat, ideal for effectively controlling the humidity level in a room every day, depending on the outside temperature. Some models do this automatically while others require it to be done manually. Among the different choices of air humidifiers, there are manufacturers who offer excellent models, such as Lennox devices, known for their control of dry air in homes and their compatibility with other pulsed air systems. Compatible with the majority of forced air systems, these humidifiers will contribute to your comfort. Another option, the Aprilaire brand devices are recognized for their efficiency. Among them, the Aprilaire 800 monitors the dryness rate in the home while keeping it comfortable.

How does a humidifier work?

It is very simple. Just pour water into the humidifier or have a direct water supply, which will then flow into the tank (or through a filter). The humidifier or furnace fan will then circulate air through the unit. Thus, the water will evaporate in the room depending on the level of humidity in the air. However, it is very important to ensure the quality of the water used in portable humidifiers to prevent the formation and proliferation of bacteria.