For residents of areas where the mercury drops drastically for several months at a time, the furnace is a primary heating appliance. If you plan to acquire a furnace in the near future, Climatisation B.S. invites you to consult this practical guide designed by our experts.

What are the types of furnaces and their advantages?

Furnaces available on the market are powered by four different energy sources with their advantages and disadvantages.

1.   Natural Gas

The natural gas furnace provides safe and even heat. Its main drawback is the fact that this energy source is non-renewable.

2.   Propane Gas

The propane gas furnace instantly produces heat and leaves no residue. On the other hand, its energy is not renewable and it sometimes gives off polluting particles.

3.   Oil

The oil furnace provides excellent heat circulation. However, this type of heating can emit harmful particles in addition to using non-renewable energy.

4.   Electricity

The electric furnace emits no pollution, is affordable and requires little maintenance. Its major disadvantage is that it stops working during a power failure.

What is the approximate cost of a furnace?

Buying a furnace represents a substantial investment. At Climatisation B.S., when a customer asks us: “How much does a furnace cost? », It is impossible for us to answer him promptly. Why? Because the purchase and installation price of this device depends on a host of factors, including :

  • The furnace model and the energy source chosen;
  • The condition of the current ductwork in your home;
  • The size of your home;
  • The choice of accessories and additional options.

How to determine the correct type of furnace for my home?

To find the furnace model that will meet your needs, ask for an estimate from one of Climatisation B.S’s professional evaluators. Considering your budget, the latter will take into account the following characteristics before making his recommendations :

  • The quality of the air tightness and thermal insulation of your home;
  • The total volume of interior space;
  • The arrangement and orientation of the windows.

Did you know that with proper maintenance and use, the average lifespan of a furnace ranges from 15 to 20 years? At Climatisation B.S., our inventory contains brands known for their durability, such as Lennox, Mitsubishi and Ecoer. In addition, for a guarantee of high energy efficiency, most of our models are ENERGY STAR qualified. Choosing this symbol means choosing savings!

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