At Climatisation B.S., we are preoccupied – and proud! – to offer our customers high-performance appliances, including air conditioners from the famous Lennox brand. Whatever your needs, here you will find the perfect model to cool off during the summer months!

Central units: 5 models to optimize your comfort

Lennox central air conditioners are renowned for the robustness of their components. For this reason, we highly recommend them to our clients wishing to invest in a safe bet. We offer a selection of 5 models for all tastes, all needs and all budgets, namely the XC25, XC21, XC20, EL16XC1 and ML14XC1, which we will tell you about later in this article.

What you should know: The higher the model number, the more efficient the device. For example, the EL16XC1 has a SEER rating (a measure of fuel efficiency) of up to 17.85, while XC21 has a SEER rating of 21.20. For an overview of the different features of the above mentioned Lennox air conditioners, click here.

The XC25: a model that stands out

Lennox XC25Equipped with the most recent technological innovations, the high performance air conditioner XC25 has characteristics that are at the very least astonishing … Indeed, thanks to its Wi-Fi thermostat, the XC25 can be controlled remotely by your smartphone, your electronic tablet or your laptop. In addition, this device can be combined with modules allowing the use of solar energy to reduce air conditioning costs. Really, nothing stops progress!

In the industry, the XC25 is considered to be one of the most accurate and efficient air conditioner models on the market. And for good reason, since its SEER rating reached the dizzying rate of 25! In addition, its “extremely low” sound level of 56 dB allows it to stand out from the competition (around 50% lower than the average). In short, if you want to equip yourself with the ultimate in central air conditioning, the Lennox XC25 is without a doubt THE best choice. In fact, consumers give it – and with good reason – the brilliant 5-star rating

Lennox wall units: our star product

Reliable, economical and easy to install, the wall mounted Lennox MCA air conditioner is the perfect companion for condo and apartment owners, who appreciate its discreet size, simple remote control and surprisingly quiet operation. Plus, this model is ENERGY STAR qualified and comes with a 5-year parts and compressor warranty. To know the detailed characteristics of this model, click here.

Rebates and subsidies

Psitt! The purchase of a Lennox brand air conditioner may make you eligible for government rebate and grant programs. Ask our representatives!

At Climatisation B.S., our team is specially trained to provide you with the best Lennox device to meet your needs. You will be delighted with your new air conditioner – we promise! For more information, contact us.