Why do you have to maintain your air conditioning before summer?

For the performance of your air conditioner to be optimal, it is important to clean it before the hot season. Follow our tips for good maintenance before summer.

Air conditioner maintenance

In general, the maintenance of your device will be limited to regular cleaning of the filters. It is recommended to keep them clean in order to maintain the efficiency of the device, whether in terms of heating or air conditioning. Usually the filters are found in the indoor unit, often above the walls, but this may vary depending on the model.To do this, it is important to check the condition of the insulation of the refrigeration circuits; the condensate drain pipes can deteriorate over time, so it is recommended to check them regularly. Buy your filters here

Clean your air conditioner

In summer, your air conditioner will produce water which is drained through the condensate tray. However, some of this water will stagnate and allow mold to develop. Not only will these fungi be harmful to your health, they can also be responsible for many allergies, such as asthma attacks or frequent bronchitis. If the device is not cleaned regularly, its thermal and ventilatory efficiency will greatly decrease.

Please note: some models can hold up to 6 kg of refrigerant. It is recommended to check the tightness of the equipment at least once a year with a specialist.


Tips to maintain your air conditioner

Before any air conditioner maintenance, it is strongly recommended to disconnect the appliance from the main electrical supply. Then, all you have to do is follow the various steps below:

  1. When cleaning the indoor unit, it is recommended not to use household solvents or stain removers. Opt for cleaning the exterior part on a regular basis, with a damp cloth.
  2. Clean the air filter according to the type of air conditioner, once a month. This will prevent you from accumulating dust or any other fine particles that will slip into the filter. This may not only alter the performance of the device but also be detrimental to your health.
  3. Most air conditioners open on the front side and will allow you to access the filters. Conventional air filters will trap dust in their fibers. These are easily washable with soap and water as long as they are rinsed thoroughly. (Central air conditioners air filters should be replaced every 6 months).
  4. Do not forget to check from time to time the evacuation of the water which results from the condensation of the humidity in the air.

   A properly cleaned air conditioner will run longer and provide you with optimal comfort without harming your health.