During hot weather, a breakage or defect in your air conditioner can cause you a lot of trouble … At Climatisation B.S., we are specialists in air conditioning systems. In this blog post written by our experts, you will discover ways to fix and prevent problems – to avoid melting like snow in the sun!

The 5 most frequent anomalies

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  1. Displaying an error code –  There is no point in panicking if an error code is displayed on your air conditioner: just check its meaning in the owner’s manual. Usually, the code corresponds to a problem that is fairly easy to fix. That said, if the code is incomprehensible, call a recognized repair service.
  2. Water leak inside –  It is abnormal for water to leak from your air conditioner inside your property. In this case, it is most likely a fault with the drainage system, a clogged filter or a sealing problem. Call an expert so that he can identify the source of the leak and repair it properly.
  3. Presence of frost –  Frost is unwelcome in an air conditioning unit, so act quickly if you notice it is there. A filter may be blocked, the compressor may be defective, or the piping to the sealed system may be broken. Do not delay in consulting a professional.
  4. Insufficient cooling –  Your air conditioning system is running at full speed … but you are still hot? There are two things: either the device lacks power for the surface to be cooled (see the number of Btu / h), or it is a problem requiring the intervention of a competent technician.
  5. Abnormal noise –  Is your air conditioner making unusual sounds? One of its components probably needs to be replaced: ventilation motor, compressor, piping, etc. If you want to enjoy your air conditioning system without having to put on music or wear earplugs to block out ambient noise, call a professional quickly!

Focus on prevention –  To prevent your air conditioning system from malfunctioning, call on a professional inspection and maintenance service, such as the one offered at Climatisation BS Even if you can take certain actions to clean your unit yourself, you cannot compete with the advanced processes of specialized companies. During his visit, the technician :

  • Will examine and test your device;
  • Will remove pollen, particles and insects encrusted in the components;
  • Will clean your filters or replace them, if necessary;
  • Inspect your lines and remove dust build-up;
  • Make sure that nothing obstructs the screens and pipes.

At Climatisation B.S., we have all the skills required to maintain and repair your air conditioning system. To learn more about our services or to order replacement filters, contact us.