At Climatisation B.S., our customers recently spoke about the satisfaction they get (or have experienced) when doing business with us. Indeed, the latter completed a survey created by l’Association des professionnels de la construction et de l’habitation du Québec (APCHQ) as part of its Réno-Maître program – which we are proudly a part of! The results? Read on to find out…

What are the certification criteria for the Réno-Maître program?

Réno-Maître consists of a group of entrepreneurs certifying the professionalism of its members. Each company is scrupulously selected for its expertise and its work is constantly verified, in particular through satisfaction surveys. Thus, all Réno-Maître certified contractors meet the following 3 conditions :

  1. They have proven positive experience in their field of action;
  2. They have all the financial and administrative resources required;
  3. They meet the requirements of their customers.

 Our code of ethics, a pledge of trust

– As a certified Réno-Maître contractor, at Climatisation B.S., we are committed at all times :

  • To ensure health and safety on the site in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • To ensure the satisfaction of each of our customers;
  • To deal fairly and honestly with our customers;
  • To offer attentive and courteous service;
  • Only execute contracts in accordance with applicable laws;
  • To keep the site clean by preventing clutter caused by unnecessary materials;
  • To inform the customer about the guarantees offered;
  • To include in the contract the detailed description and estimate of the work;
  • Provide the customer with the relevant technical documentation;
  • To carry out the work in accordance with federal, provincial and municipal (or other) laws;
  • To start and complete the work in accordance with the schedule agreed upon when signing the contract;
  • To have adequate liability insurance for the type of work to be performed.

Finally, the survey results!

The APCHQ satisfaction survey took into consideration these 6 general aspects in order to determine the index of the quality of the customer experience :

  1. The work quality;
  2. Respect for the initial agreement;
  3. The quality of after-sales service;
  4. Courtesy of service;
  5. Respect of deadlines;
  6. The clarity of the initial contract.

Thus, we are happy to announce that we have obtained an 91 % result ! In addition, according to a survey, 100 % of our customers will recommend us: it sincerely warms our hearts!

 At Climatisation B.S., we offer excellent services in the sale, installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore. For more information, contact us.

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to serving you!