Both outdoors and indoors, you daily breathe air contaminated with different substances: ozone, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, industrial fine particles, bacteria, etc. In order to control the circulation of this most harmful “cocktail” between your walls, acquire an air quality management system without delay! At Climatisation B.S., we offer 5 types of products to optimize the air purity in your home.

Système de gestion de la qualité de l'air - Climatisation BS Inc.

1. Air Exchanger

The function of an air exchanger is to bring fresh air into your home and exhaust stale air to the outside. By constantly renewing and filtering the ambient air, this device gets rid of pollutants generated by your domestic activities (household products, paint, smoke, etc.). However, new constructions are so well insulated that the installation of an air exchanger has practically become essential.

2. Purifier media air filter

Also called « Filter casing », this ingenious device has the advantage of working in partnership with your heating or cooling system. Simply installed on the air distribution ducts, the filter traps and removes up to 85% of unwanted particles from your living environment – a great asset for people who are intolerant to dust and dust mites.

3. Lampe germicide

A simple and effective way to control the spread of biological contaminants in your property is to purchase a germicidal lamp. Thanks to a powerful emission of ultraviolet rays, it sterilizes the surfaces where germs are found, in particular the ducts of your heating or air conditioning system.

4. Humidifier

When the air in your property is too dry, various problems arise: irritation of the mucous membranes, proliferation of bacteria … not to mention the cracking of woodwork! To solve this problem, get a humidifier. On the other hand, know how to measure the percentage of relative humidity generated by this device because, as we say in Quebec, “Too much is like not enough …”.

5.  Dehumidifier

Too high a humidity level is a source of several inconveniences: the appearance of mold, respiratory problems, etc. So, to control the percentage of humidity in your home, install a dehumidifier of the appropriate power. Also, first identify the source of the excess moisture, as it could be water infiltration in the foundations, for example.

The effects of air pollution on your health. Breathing unhealthy air can have serious consequences for the health of all family members: breathing difficulties, infections, cardiovascular accidents, chronic fatigue, headaches, pulmonary edema and many others … Do not wait until it is too late to act.

At Climatisation B.S., the comfort of our customers has been our priority for more than 30 years. To find out more about our different air quality management systems, contact us.