In Quebec, to enjoy a pleasant temperature on hot summer days (and nights!), An air conditioner is essential. 

At Climatisation B.S., the wall-mounted air conditioner is more and more popular with our customers. 

To find the ideal model, read these 7 tips

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  • Measure your area first, it is recommended to measure the room where the device will be installed. Next, calculate the amount of BTU (British Thermal Unit) necessary. This first step is crucial for optimal and efficient air conditioning. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need help.
  • Buy at the right time to avoid experiencing air conditioner prices soaring during the summer season (sometimes several hundred dollars!). Avoid making your purchase during these hot weeks. Instead, save your money by shopping in the spring, or in the fall for the following summer.
  • Evaluate the characteristics of the products some models have very useful characteristics: timer and automated shutdown system, dehumidification option, low noise level, user-friendly display panel, dust filter, etc. List the device properties you are interested in before you go to the store – this will save you valuable time!
  • Go for Energy Efficiency Natural Resources Canada recognizes two energy efficiency measures for wall-mounted air conditioners, the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate), a rating varying between 13 and 26, and the EER (energy efficiency rate), varying between 8 and 12. The higher these ratios, the more energy efficient the appliance is considered. Locate this data printed in bold on the EnerGuide label of the coveted model.
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR logo to make an eco-responsible and economical choice, look for wall-mounted air conditioner models with the mention ENERGY STAR. This certification means that you could save on your energy bill compared to models made in the early 2000s. Sometimes it can pay off to buy new!
  • Ask about the warranty when you shop, take the time to make sure the manufacturer and installer offer a long-term warranty. In addition, require a paper version indicating in detail the specifics covered, such as parts and labor.

          Rely on professionals to ensure that your wall-mounted air conditioner is properly installed, airtight and electrically safe. Call on experienced people for its installation, as well as for its maintenance.

          At Climatisation B.S., we work with manufacturers whose products meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and performance.

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