The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling, you are spending more time indoors … in short, it’s fall! At Climatisation B.S., a company specializing in heating, air conditioning and air quality management, our team of customer service is preparing to meet your needs! In this blog, we want to show you the – sometimes unsuspected – importance of servicing your air exchanger before winter. Good reading!

The Harms of Neglecting Your Ventilation System

In order to renew the ambient air in a modern home (often perfectly airtight), the air exchanger is the “solution par excellence”. Thus, to take advantage of filtered and, ideally, heated air, this device does wonders … provided it is properly maintained! Indeed, when neglected, an air exchanger develops various problems, including the following :

  • Device filter obstruction : in this situation, the air comes out, but does not enter, which creates negative pressure in your home and forces the outside air to infiltrate through all possible slots and openings, no matter how tiny they are. Change your filter  now or contact us at 1-855-663-7417
  • Blocage of both filters (interior and evacuation) : if your device has been operating for years without having received any maintenance, it may be inoperative; thus, you constantly breathe the air polluted by your domestic activities.
  • Fouling of the fans : propellers covered in encrusted dirt will affect the performance of your unit and may only be cleaned by a qualified technician.

What does the maintenance of an air exchanger involve?

Particles and residues of all kinds (dust, leaves, grass, insects, ice) can greatly affect the operation of the various components of an air exchanger and contribute to its premature deterioration. Here are the 7 steps of proper maintenance – to be carried out after unplugging the appliance : 

  1. Dust, clean, rinse and dry the filters;
  2. Disinfect the condensation water tray; 
  3. Dust the fan; 
  4. Balance the air exchanger (to be entrusted to a professional); 
  5. Wash the intake grilles inside and out; 
  6. Clean the heat or energy recovery core; 
  7. Clean the exhaust duct (or replace it if it is damaged).

Our products

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At Climatisation B.S., we recommend cleaning your air exchanger at each change of season. To enjoy clean, comfortable air this winter (and throughout the year!), Make an appointment today!  ???? 1-855-663-7417