Air conditioners and heat pumps are available in wall or central version. It often happens that these two types of devices are difficult to differentiate. Is it better to buy an air conditioner or a heat pump? Which one best meets your needs …
At Climatisation B.S., we are experts in residential heating and air conditioning. To help you better understand the characteristics of these systems and make an informed choice, read on..


The heat pump and the air conditioner (also called “air conditioning”) have a few things in common. First, each one is able to cool the air in your home. Also, the two devices have a similar appearance and require much the same type of hardware during their installation. In addition, these two systems can be wall-mounted (a single unit installed at a strategic location on the property) or central (system using your property’s ventilation ducts, for better air distribution).

The advantage of the heat pump

However, only the heat pump can also circulate hot air in your home. Its secret? The reversible valve! This is because the gas inside an air conditioner only flows in one direction. The heat pump, thanks to its reversible valve, can send hot air inside or outside the residence.


Another notable difference is the frequency of use of these two systems. In general, the air conditioner is used on average two or three months a year, during the suffocating summer heat. For its part, the heat pump operates for a much longer period, approximately ten months.


Certainly, the installation of a heat pump by a qualified professional requires a greater investment than that of an air conditioner. However, the savings made on heating bills and the exceptional comfort that the heat pump provides allow this purchase to be profitable in the long run. In addition, due to its prolonged use, the heat pump requires more maintenance than an air conditioner.

In summary, the air conditioner :

  • Has a longer life than the heat pump;
  • Can only cool the air;
  • Requires fewer repairs;
  • Does not save on the electricity bill.

In return, the heat pump :

  • Is slightly more expensive than the air conditioner;
  • Cools or heats the air in the house, according to your needs;
  • Requires more frequent maintenance than the air conditioner;
  • Save on heating costs.

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