There’s no denying it: the long winter months are much more enjoyable in a well-heated, well-insulated house. At Climatisation BS, a company specializing in heating in Montreal, Laval and on the North Shore, we know several tips that will allow you to better insulate your home and eliminate air infiltration – the invisible ones responsible for making your home heavier on the energy bill …

Tip 1: Fight against drafts

Poorly insulated windows, doors and outlets can cost you money over time, especially in winter. To find out if air is entering your home, pass a candle flame near openings on a blustery day and check if it is stirring. After having identified the problematic interstices, seal them using :

  • Foam gaskets;
  • Weatherstripping films;
  • Caulking products.

Tip 2: Choose the right insulation materials

Are you planning major insulation work? Don’t skimp on the quality of materials, taking care to check their R factor. What is it about? It’s simple : the R factor is a symbol representing the thermal resistance of materials. The figure (in imperial value) indicates the power of the insulation: the higher it is, the more effective it is against heat and cold.

The RSI, for its part, is the equivalent of the R factor in the international system. In order to convert the R-value to RSI, just multiply it by 0.1761. All that being said, we recommend that you choose insulation materials with a minimum value of 3 R (per inch) to insulate your walls and ceilings. If in doubt, seek professional advice.

Tip 3: Replace your windows

Are your windows old and their air tightness leaves much to be desired? Replace them with models with reinforced insulation. Of course, the investment is substantial, but the savings you will make will make the process profitable in a reasonable time – while significantly increasing the value of your property.!

Tip 4: Insulate your piping

You would be amazed to discover how the simple act of insulating your piping can have a positive impact on your energy bill. You will find pipe insulation made of flexible styrofoam at the hardware store (a product that is easy to install yourself).

The importance of air quality

A properly insulated house is good; an airtight house is… risky! To breathe healthy air during this somewhat whimsical season, have your heating, ventilation and air quality management systems inspected, cleaned and repaired (if necessary) by professionals in order to make sure that all their components are in good condition.

At Climatisation B.S., we sell, install and repair several heating unit including furnaces,
central heat pumps and wall mount in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore. Contact us now to enjoy a house at the ideal temperature this winter!