Quebecers who manage to be content with simple ventilators to survive the intense summer heat are less and less numerous, and with good reason! Are you planning to purchase an air conditioner in the near future? We invite you to consult this blog article which will allow you to make an informed choice.

Assess your needs and set your preferences

Before you start shopping, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like to cool a specific room or the whole house?
  • What budget do you have for the purchase of the device and for its use?
  • Do you agree to have important work being done for the installation of your device?

The 4 main types of air conditioners

Afin de faciliter votre démarche, nous avons résumé pour vous les caractéristiques des principaux types de climatiseurs.

  1. Central air conditioner

    The best in air conditioning is without a doubt the central air conditioning system. More efficient than the individual units, it provides uniform temperature control in your home. On the other hand, only residences equipped with a forced air central heating system can accommodate this type of device – otherwise, you can expect the installation bill to be larger.

  2. Wall mounted air conditioner

    Highly in demand, this wall-mounted unit is a great solution for cooling new condominiums, single-family homes and apartments. Like the central model, the installation of a wall mounted air conditioner must be performed by professionals.

  3. Mobile or portable air conditioner As the name suggests, this type of air conditioner can be moved from place to place as needed. This device capable of cooling an area of ​​approximately 350 square feet, however, requires a relatively high investment.
  4. Window air conditioner The window air conditioner is a popular solution for cooling areas from 200 to 1,500 square feet (depending on Btu / hr). Easy to install, this model only needs to be stored when the beautiful season is over.

Some tips to avoid unpleasant surprises…

  1. If possible, buy an air conditioner outside of the summer period. When summer is in full swing it is usually madness and the prices sometimes go sky-high!
  2. Before choosing the company that will install a central unit or wall unit in your home, check with the “Régie du Bâtiment” and the “Office de la protection du consommateur”. An informed customer is worth two! Also ask for references.
  3. Finally, beware of door-to-door salespeople. To make an informed choice and benefit from unparalleled after-sales service, rely instead on a reputable company such as Climatisation B.S.!

At Climatisation B.S., our know-how saves you time and money. Whether you are an individual or a contractor, our experienced team will help you quickly find the ideal air conditioner for your needs. You want to know more about our range of products and services? Contact us!