If you own a modern home, you probably own an air exchanger. This ingenious device not only renews the air in your home to let out contaminants and moisture, but also to bring in filtered air – and at the right temperature. At Climatisation B.S., we frequently deal with customers who have never thought about the importance of replacing the air filters on their device. With this blog, we hope to make you aware of the risks associated with neglecting this simple gesture of maintenance.

Direct impacts on your financial health …

If you have never performed maintenance on the filters of your air exchanger, which you have had for several years, consider that over the seasons particles of all kinds have clogged them (dust, sand, pollen, insects, etc. hairs, etc.). And if your filters are completely blocked, your exchanger is therefore inoperative. In other words, the device works “in a vacuum”, since the air can neither leave nor enter your house! So you are paying unnecessary energy costs … and on your physical health!

But it gets even worse: When the filters in your heat exchanger are clogged, you live in a polluted place and the stale air can affect your health and that of your family members. In some people, especially children and asthmatics, breathing unhealthy air causes a lot of discomfort (breathing difficulties, headaches, etc.). Not to mention that excess humidity in a house promotes the proliferation of bacteria and the development of molds!

The solution? Regularly replace the filters of your air exchanger according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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For more information on the many benefits of performing preventive maintenance on your air exchanger, read our blog.