Ensures optimal comfort during the heating season by minimizing problems related to dry air. Creates a healthier living environment and reduces skin irritations, sore throats and respiratory problems

The Lennox HWCB17 humidifier is an easier to use and less cumbersome solution than portable units, so you don’t have to constantly fill and clean the units. A built-in fan helps circulate the humidified air (power humidifier only). It’s compatible with many systems that may already be in your home. A Healthy Climate® humidifier adds moisture to the air in your home and works with your heating system to circulate it to every room.

Five years limited warranty in residential applications, one years in non-residential applications. One years limited warranty on labor in a residential installation Refer to Lennox Limited Warranty Certificate included with each unit for additional details or contact us.
Getting rebates and grants when you buy an air conditioner or other home comfort device is possible. All you have to do is find out what the government offers as a program.
Financing is available through the Financeit company. According to credit approbation and the period of the year, you can benefit from different scenarios such as: 12 months at 0%, also available are no payments, no interest according to the selected term at +/- 9.49% if the totality of the bill/contract is paid in full at the due date. Otherwise you can benefit from and open contract on a five years period at +/-5.99% rate according to the amount financed, retroactive to the installation date. You can make extra payments, anticipated payments or pay the totality of the loan at any given time without penalty.


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