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Renoclimat : steps to follow in order to obtain a subvention

The Government of Quebec offers various subsidy programs to citizens who favor energy-efficient methods in the context of their renovation work. At Climatisation B.S., we offer a host of devices and processes that allow you to obtain attractive sums of money, particularly as part of the Rénoclimat program.

What does the Rénoclimat program consist of?

Headed by the Quebec Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Rénoclimat program is intended for homeowners who perform insulation, air tightness, installation or replacement of mechanical systems (ventilation system, Water heaters, heat pump, heating system and geothermal system). Rénoclimat grants reward those who choose to increase the energy efficiency of their property by offering reimbursements ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. In addition, the Rénoclimat program enables participants to make substantial savings on their heating costs once their renovation work are completed! Interesting, no?  

Registration, evaluation, renovation, grant!

Here are the four main steps that could allow you to obtain a grant under the Rénoclimat program. 1.  You must first complete an appointment request form before the work is done. All you have to do is go to the program's website at 2.  An accredited assessor will then visit your home to determine its current EnerGuide rating. This rating is a score from 0 to 100 that indicates the precise measure of a home's energy efficiency. The goal is to compare your performance with that of similar homes located in the same area. Note that the cost of the energy assessment for a single family property is approximately $150. The government agrees to reimburse a good portion of it if your property meets the eligibility criteria for a grant. During the appointment, your assessor will perform an infiltrometry test, which is carried out using a device that checks the air tightness of your home. In addition to the energy consumption habits of the residence, the assessor will also measure the exterior characteristics of the building, its interior structure, its insulation as well as its various heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. 3.  The assessor will provide you with a detailed report indicating the work and installation of appliances that could improve the energy efficiency of your property. It is at this stage that the expertise of Climatisation B.S. comes into play! 4.   After your renovations, the assessor will come back for an infiltrometry test to determine the difference between the EnerGuide rating before the work and the one after. The outcome will largely determine the amount of the grant awarded. At Climatisation B.S., we make every effort to ensure that a substantial refund is awarded to all our customers who wish to benefit from the Rénoclimat program. To learn more about the program's eligibility criteria or for advice on heating and cooling, contact us right away. The savings are yours!
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