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Bulletin #39 - Climatisation BS

In the last weeks of the year, I think the time has come to explain some practices that many consumers will favor without really knowing the reason. If you own a home that is 20 or 25 years old, and you have never upgraded your windows, insulation, caulking, it is very likely that your new air intake will be filled by the cracks in a natural way but without any control over it. If, on the other hand, you install a recovery air exchanger, which implies that the exhaust air will heat the intake air according to the recovery power of the device. There are devices from different manufacturers and with different recovery powers, which are not all equal in terms of purchase price or energy efficiency. It is always preferable to control what happens in our residence our self in order to avoid that, otherwise it often does it itself at an inconvenient time. As an example when you enter the grocery order and the front door is left ajar for several minutes, you have often noticed your heating switching on to try to satisfy what the thermostat located in the air flow has often detected, the latter being installed in the passage. Electronic thermostats are much better keepers of comfort than the old ones, particularly those with a mercury bulb, on the other hand they will, for the most part, react to a significant change in temperature by often giving the command of a maximum demand to the heat generator. For those who have an oil, natural gas or propane furnace, or an electric furnace without any other component, it is advisable that during the heating period you choose a time each day to open the back door and the front door for a few minutes in order to: as our parents said at the time "to change the air" which is not as stupid as we might think. It is easy to lower the temperature in the residence, at night and during the day when the occupants are away, which will not affect your comfort because the residence will have returned to its desired temperature before you return there. If you have more sophisticated systems with a multi-speed heat pump, variable interior ventilation system, recovery air exchanger with a thermostat that is closer to a computer than a common thermostat. It is strongly recommended that your thermostat be adjusted to your needs and let technology be at your service and above all stop constantly wanting to change its operating parameters which in passing is what you asked it to do. Too often we are asked to revisit customers who are either freezing or sweating having lost control of their devices. The technician will notice on site that the equipment is doing exactly what it has been programmed to do by the owner of the premises (or whoever swears not to have touched it). Too often the homeowner will take offense at receiving an invoice that does not feel like a technician who is not replacing any part should invoice just to reprogram a thermostat. We even notice that often it is at the same civic address, we had to redo the exercise on more than one occasion. Companies must apply a very clear directive to their sales department, when you meet clients of a certain age you owe it to yourself to check if they have a computer, and if the microwave is flashing 12.00 constantly this may indicate that programming is not what they control most easily, so the directive to, keep it as simple as possible applies. We are sometimes devastated that some have bought high-end and expensive devices but the way to use them does not do this choice justice in any way. A much less expensive low-end device would have met the needs of many. Even more importantly how many times do people say they hate their new installations, simply "having known" because they do not understand how the thermostat works even after spending several minutes or even hours on the phone explaining and in addition to one or more site visits they still don't understand how to make it work. If you don't believe this statement, spending a day in the service department of a heating / air conditioning company may convince the most skeptical. Now we must go to the most complicated, the air exchangers in code 2005 and Novo climat, with recovery, without recovery, with recirculation, without recirculation Admit that for the common man there is enough to lose his marbles and while we are on air exchanger, they also needs to be maintained and to wash its filter, some will prefer to wash the core and others will not. If you have a more recent residence you must have an air exchanger this is mandatory, what remains to be defined is that the responsibility for enforcing the codes has been given to the cities, which do not have all the skills and inspectors to enforce what must be installed there. This is why in some smaller cities, passive air exchangers (without recovery find a niche there) without anyone noticing.


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