When it comes to air conditioning and ventilation systems, there is one key

word to remember to ensure performance and longevity: maintenance, with

a capital E.

To ensure that performance is at the rendez-vous in oppressive heat or cold, you must actually give a minimum of maintenance to your system.

Bad weather and dirt

For example, let’s look at the condition of an air conditioning unit or heat pump located outside. Subjected to constant weather and other aggressive elements of nature, the units are at the mercy of dirt, dust, pollen, ice, rain, etc. Coils can easily be soiled with this residue and, over time, this is where problems can start.

First recommendation: take the garden hose and clean the coils with strong water pressure in order to dislodge all traces of salt (calcium), dandelion, moss, pollen and dust. Lightened from the dust that ” suffocated it ”, the system won’t be solicited as much less to operate and will therefore be more efficient. 


Tell yourself that the lifespan of a heat pump, for example, is about fifteen years. It is not normal to find that a compressor breaks after 5 or 6 years. Unfortunately, compressor failure is often the result of careless maintenance on the part of the owner. We must therefore take a closer look or seek the advice of experts.


Whether you want to clean coils, change filters, or perform basic system maintenance, the handyman in you can easily accomplish these tasks by following the recommended steps. Depending on the system you have, a central air conditioner for example, it is important to have the amount of refrigerant measured and also to check if all the safety controls are working. Indeed, if the refrigerant gas, freon, is in insufficient quantity or a part turns out to be defective, the performance will not meet your expectations and your comfort will suffer. Only a specialist (refrigeration technician) has the expertise and tools necessary to accurately measure and assess whether the quantities of freon are sufficient to operate the system at its full capacity and in an optimal manner to ensure your comfort and that of your family..