This heat pump offers simultaneously, performance, precision and energy savings on top of being ultra quiet with a decibel level as low as 58!!! 

With it’s exceptional yield in heating mode going up to 10,20 in H.S.P.F. and of 23,50 S.E.E.R in cooling mode, it largely exceeds the recommended Energy Star norms and as the capacity to produce heat up to an outside temperature of – 25 C !!!

Its variable speed and the ” Precise Comfort ” system allows it to go down as low as 35 % of its working capacity to reach the level needed and then go up by 1 % increments as needed until it reaches its maximum capacity, thus stabilizing the ambiant temperature for optimal comfort.

Always using the exact power needed, the energy consumption is less and the energy savings are greater !

The Lennox XP25 Heat pump from the Signature Series, Comfort, Performance and guaranteed Energy Savings.