Choosing the right air conditioning system.

When summer comes and the hot weather arrives, the desire to keep cool becomes an emergency. Not only is this necessary for our comfort, but also for our well-being. To choose our air conditioning system, we recommend that you follow our guide below, and take our advice into account. Good reading! Before shopping for an air conditioner, it’s important to consider your needs, your habits, and which area you want cooler in your home. In general, there are several choices of devices on the market, and manufacturers offer models that meet your needs. Some are very easy to install, can be transported occasionally, and prices can vary between $ 1,000 and $ 6,000. For those who wish to use an air conditioner beyond the summer months, it is recommended to opt for a fixed unit. In addition, if you want to reduce the bill, it is advisable to turn it on moderately because, depending on its power, your electricity bill may surprise you! Depending on the room to be air-conditioned and the quality of the insulation, your appliance will perform optimally if you choose the right model. You also need to choose the options that will be convenient for you. Some devices have the function of dehumidifying the air, others are equipped with a special button that controls the humidity level. There are also devices that can remove odors, and others that can trap the finer particles to purify the air. There are also models that have the function of heating. A reversible device is able to heat the air in a room, just as it can cool it. You should consider all of these criteria before purchasing your air conditioner. Here are some air conditioners that are worth a look: The central air conditioner: The cooled air circulates throughout the house. These models have a lifespan of over 15 years, but their price is very expensive. They include a fan, compressor and coil that are located outside the home. Central air conditioners distribute air that is cooled into the pulsed air ducts of the heating system. Room air conditioner: These models are very popular because they are easily installed in a window or recessed in a wall. They therefore do not require the services of an installer and are inexpensive. Plus, they’re great if you just want to cool down a room or two. Wall-mounted air conditioners: There are air conditioners that are sold in the form of a heat pump and which are also reversible. What is it exactly? In fact, throughout the year, they have a system that works reversibly, extracting heat from the outside air to propel it inside your home. This type of device can heat the house, but in winter, during very cold weather, you will have to combine the device with another heating system, because below -12 degrees Celsius, this type of device will not be not enough. There are some high-end models that can heat up to -25 degrees Celsius.   

Watch out for noisy models!

When shopping for your air conditioner, learn about the unit noise level when it’s turned on. Some models can quickly get very loud and make your life difficult. However, in recent years, manufacturers have improved significantly and the decibels emitted rarely exceed 75 decibels now. Usually the noise comes from the compressor outside. You can also use a kit to isolate the compressor to reduce noise. In addition, there are some quieter models, such as split or multi-unit air conditioners, which emit only 35 decibels. Outdoor air conditioners can emit up to 45 decibels.   

Design and maintenance

The design of air conditioners has undergone a real change in recent years. Some models have rounder or more refined shapes, thus offering a minimalist look, which can easily be integrated into different types of apartments. In general, they are often white, but now you can find blues, metallic grays or, sometimes, natural wood. In addition, the models that are located outside the house have designs that take into account the landscaping, in order to be in harmony with the environment. Beyond the aesthetic aspect of these devices, their maintenance must be taken into account. It is recommended to regularly clean the air filters inside by removing them and, if necessary, replacing them. Outside, debris or leaves sometimes get stuck there, so cleaning must be done regularly if the appliance is to continue to perform. In Quebec, despite our very cold winters, we experience very hot summers and many people can suffer from heat in an apartment. It is therefore advisable to do your research well before purchasing an air conditioner that you will keep for a long time.