Since the market offers many models and at different prices, the purchase of an air conditioner may become difficult if we don’t know what our real need are.

Beware of telephone solicitations or “door to door salesman” of air conditioner. To validate the honesty of the solicitor, ask for the company name, the sales representative’s name, the phone number and the address. Verify the reliability of the contractor, their skill cards, the service offered and is it possible to go visit the establishment. Make sure that the proposed product is of a reputable brand because a lot of products enter Canada from China with no name and no warranty, sold at very low price and under an unknown name.


When we talk about a central air conditioner, the product that you will choose will have a manufacturer’s warranty on parts for the next five or ten years according to the brand and model, but note that no manufacturer will offer a warranty on labour, simply by prevention.  

For it’s part, the mural air conditioner is really sought after and installed  in small houses and condos and has a parts and labour warranty offert first by the installer et afterwards by the manufacturer for a period of six to ten years according to the brand and model. Note that in this case, all manufacturer exclude the cost related to the diagnostic in their insurance contract.

Not only a question of price

Before making a decision, know that you have different levels of products. Too often the choice of the air conditioner is based solely on price and even without looking at the efficiency, durability and profitability of the unit. 

On top of a good product, the installation is a primordial factor that will determine the proper working order and maximal efficiency. Did you know that when you choose a mural  air conditioner, you can choose a multizone installation for more comfort and satisfaction? For example, it is possible to install two interior head units in opposite part of the house / condo and have only one exterior unit. Many possibility are offered, so make the proper choice for your comfort needs

*At the purchase of your air conditioner, it may be a good idea to purchase an “extended warranty” on parts and labor, just as a preventative mesure and peace of mind.