Government grant

Federal Government

Reno Climat

Is it the first time that you are participating in the Rénoclimat program? Here are the five steps to follow.

Step 1 : Before starting work, fill in the online form Request an appointment.

Upon receipt of your request, a Rénoclimat advisor will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Step 2 : A Rénoclimat advisor will come to your home to perform a pre-retrofit energy assessment.
Take advantage of this visit to discuss your energy-efficient renovation projects.

Step 3 : Carry out your energy-efficient renovation or have it carried out. Use the recommendations in the evaluation report to guide you through the work.

Step 4 : Contact your advisor again, or call 1-866-266-0008 for your home’s post-retrofit energy evaluation. The Rénoclimat advisor will visit your home to evaluate the improvements made and calculate your new EnerGuide rating.

The first AFTERWORK energy assessment is offered free of charge.

Step 5 : If you are eligible, you will receive the Rénoclimat financial assistance application form by mail. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a cheque for the financial assistance to which you are entitled.

Provincial Government

For heat pumps only, for more information about the provincial program, follow this link: Hydro Québec

Chauffez vert program

  • The Chauffez vert program supports homeowners who want to replace their oil or propane heating system with a system that runs on electricity (or another renewable energy source).
  • For more information about the Go Green program click here or contact them at 1-866-266-0008.
  • You can also fill out the application form to register for the program Click here


Energir offers grant to encourage construction of new energy-efficient buildings

  • For more information about the program click here
  • For more information about Energir’s comprehensive grant program click here

    Grant City of LAVAL

    Ville de Laval offers a grant for the replacement of an oil-fired heating system with a system powered exclusively by electricity or using renewable energy. click here