In all homes, heating, ventilation and air conditioning primarily helps to maintain a comfortable room temperature in your home while providing quality indoor air to residents. For this, your energy consumption and the air quality of the house must be balanced. Ventilation is therefore necessary to maintain good indoor air quality.

Home renovations

Before embarking on major renovations, you should therefore ask yourself the right questions! First of all, are you renovating or moving into a new building? During renovation, it is advisable to take the opportunity to install the ducting for ventilation for heating and air conditioning. On the other hand, if this is a cabin that you just occupy on weekends, it is recommended that you choose a responsive system that will help raise your cabin temperature quickly in a matter of hours. In fact, there are devices that can be programmed remotely. Depending on your home, you will need to plan an efficient heating method in order to optimize its performance. For this, there are professionals who will help you make the right decisions. Hydronic heated floors are avoided because they are too slow to reach an ideal temperature.

The choice of air conditioning

If your home is older, you won’t have the choice to opt for efficient and comfortable air conditioning. When renovating, we recommend trying to combine heating and air conditioning. This could be a good solution, thanks to the installation of a wall mount mural heat pump. In addition, heat pump systems provide heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. New generation devices meet environmental standards.

The choice of a heat pump

Choosing a heat pump improves your comfort during periods of cooling and heating by producing gentle heat. The air-to-air system is the most common because it draws heat from the air to heat the interior of your home. This air-to-air system can heat your home and also cool your home in summer. Ideal because it allows you to take advantage of renewable and cost-free energy that is readily available. In addition, it allows considerable energy savings. Both of these systems are very effective in dealing with discomfort issues in hot summers, as they will provide you with the ideal and comfortable air conditioning in the summer and the perfect heat in the winter.

Consumption advice

To save money, you can reduce the energy consumption in your home by lowering the temperature of the thermostats while you are away. These electronic thermostats are ideal because they can be programmed and they reduce costs and energy consumption. You have other options to reduce your cooling and heating needs. First, consider improving the insulation and air tightness of your home. Check that the windows are well insulated and protect them hermetically. To protect your home from the heat, install curtains or blinds, especially on windows that are facing south. Insulating windows is a solution that will allow you to reduce costs and energy consumption, whether in heating or cooling. For this, heat pumps are highly recommended, because they allow you to regulate the temperature of your home. Electric heating is used by the majority of people here in Quebec. Heating with wood doesn’t help the environment, worse, because you contribute to air pollution and promote smog in the winter. To protect the environment, you can opt for a mass fireplace, very efficient, or a stove with low emissions. Another way to heat up: heating with oil. Although it is not a sustainable option, it is often used here in Quebec.