In anticipation of the cold season, you must, among other things, prepare your house, your wardrobe, your yard and – as far as we are concerned at Climatisation B.S. – your heating system. After all, a faulty or clogged system is less efficient … and the consequences of this usually show up on your energy bills! Fortunately, our experts know the best methods to promote the full performance of your heating system. follow the guide!

  • If you own an oil, gas or electric furnace call on our professional inspection and maintenance services. During his visit, our technician can, among other things, recommend the parts to be changed, check the air filters, remove dirt and analyze the condition of the engine. In our opinion, this inspection represents an essential step allowing you to optimize the performance and longevity of your furnace, while preventing breakdowns, defects and breakage due to wear and tear or neglect.
  • Do you own a heat pump? In this case, we recommend that you perform a complete maintenance of your system when you are about to switch from “cooling” mode to “heating” mode. Cleaning or replacement of filters and coils significantly influence the performance of your unit, as dirt interferes with airflow and can damage the compressor over time. To check the refrigerant liquid or to adjust the parts (mechanical or electrical), trust a technician competent in the matter … such as one of our experts at Climatisation B.S.!
  • If you have some electric baseboards, dust and vacuum them before you turn on your thermostat this fall. Psitt! Thanks to your good care, the typical burnt smell will certainly be less powerful this year …
  • When you heat with a fireplace or a wood stove, have it professionally checked every fall. Indeed, boilers, chimneys and burners must be inspected and cleaned regularly in order to prevent fires and the release of smoke. Also, if you notice any cracks in the pipes, have them repaired without delay.

In short, before starting your heating system for the first time this season, make an appointment with an expert so that he can check the operation of all the parts of your appliance, your ducts and your fans, if applicable. This simple preventative measure will not only help improve the performance of your heating system throughout the winter, but will help maintain the safety of the air you breathe every day.

At Climatisation B.S., we specialize in the maintenance of several types of heating appliances. To make an appointment, contact us today!